OSCE Day of Central FCEM Course of Autumn 2012

Central FCEM Couse OSCE Day - 22 September 2012

The OSCE Day of the Central FCEM Course took place at Rotherham Hospital on Saturday 22nd September 2012.

The day involved 20 ST6+ senior trainees in Emergency Medicine, 17 actors & helpers, 15 faculty members and 1 corporate sponsor. We covered 37 FCEM OSCE stations spread over 4 OSCE circuits. The OSCE Day is designed to give candidates for the FCEM OSCE exam a day of intense exam practice and preparation. A big thanks to all the actors, helpers, faculty and candidates who participated!

The Viva Day of the Course will be held on Saturday 3rd November in Rotherham Hospital.

Final place remaining on OSCE Day of FCEM Course – 22 September 2012

We have ONE LAST PLACE remaining on the OSCE Day of the Central FCEM Course, on Saturday 22 September 2012 in Rotherham Hospital.

If you know anyone sitting the FCEM exam this autumn, please ask them to call/text me on 07595 391 468 immediately or direct them to http://www.CentralFCEM.com, thanks.

CEM CPD Event 2012 at British Museum

Delegates at CEM CPD Event 2012 at British Museum

The College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) holds an annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event. The venue for this year’s event on 13-15 March 2012 was the BP Lecture Theatre at the British Museum in London.

Over the 3 days, a wide range of topics was covered by Emergency Physicians who are leaders in their respective fields. It was a chance to learn about the latest developments in Emergency Medicine, as practised across the country. I personally found the event stimulating and inspiring, and would highly recommend it.

Over 200 delegates came to the event, and it was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, and network with new ones. The next one is in Glasgow, on 19-21 March 2013 & I will be going…!

* See the Event programme.