Emergency Medicine Operational Handbook

Emergency Medicine Operational Handbook (The Way Ahead)

The College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) has published an updated version of the “The Way Ahead” policy document, dated 2 December 2011. It has been renamed the “Emergency Medicine Operational Handbook” and replaces the old “The Way Ahead 2008-2012”.

The full document is 83 pages long and gives a comprehensive analysis of the state of play in Emergency Medicine in the UK – current practices, service configurations, workforce considerations and key challenges.

It lays down the blueprint of what Emergency Medicine in the UK is, and the direction of travel over the foreseeable future. It is an impressive policy document which is essential reading for anyone with an interest in UK Emergency Medicine.

"This guidance is for clinicians, managers and commissioners involved in the delivery of Emergency Medicine in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The public may also find the document of interest. It replaces the previous guidance we issued known as ‘The Way Ahead’ in December 2008."

* A useful 4-page executive summary, called the “Operational Handbook Highlights” is also available from the CEM website.

For a historical perspective, “Way Ahead 2005” (written jointly by the British Association for Emergency Medicine and The Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine) and “The Way Ahead 2008-12” (written by the then newly formed College of Emergency Medicine) are also available.